Performing Landscapes

Six full moons in the summer of 2023:

Six artists will enhance biodiversity in Vild Park, in consultation with the earth, plants, animals, and other living spirits. Each artist will have their own lunar cycle, from full moon to full moon.

The artists create new artworks using elements already present in Vild Park; new constructions, paths, vibrations and rituals. The landscape and life within Vild Park serve as the focal point of the works/ the landscape itself being the true audience.

The individual works are presented to the public at each full moon; a conversation with the artists, around a bonfire, followed by a light meal.

links to full moon reportages by kraftkvinden:

Stina Thue Strange
Søren Lose
Thomas Seest
Hartmut Stockter
Annika B Lewis
Sarah Lee Armstrong

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Performing Landscape is supported by The Danish Art Council and Nordea.
In collaboration with Metropolis Landscapes and Guldborgsund municipal.