titania II-III

100 year old Nini Theilade, re-enacts the choreography; Titania, queen of the ferries. From her part in the film A Midsummer Nights Dream Hollywood 1935

Performance: Nini Theilade
Choreography (1935): Nini Theilade
Camera, edit and idea (2015): Thomas Seest
Music: Mendelsohn (score from the original film)
Camera assistence: Sarah Jane Redmond
Nini personal assistence: Eva Tarp
Production Prismefilm 2015

60secondsdance first prize 2016 Screrendance Stockholm
Jury’s statement:
A precise and quietly detailed re-enaction of the choreography and the ageing of the body. With modest means, beautiful and intelligent lighting, the film conveys, on subtilast possible way, a whole life in dance.

Installation view, Royal Theater, Copenhagen old stage, 2019
Thanks to Statens Kunstfond, Christina Wendelboe, Eva Tarp, Linn Bahn Christoffersen and Nikolai Hübbe

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